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Publications: Education


- International Conference by Art Beyond Sight, New York City, US: Multi-Modal Approaches to Learning. Friday and Saturday 16-17 October 2009, Sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art & Art Beyond Sight

- (FULL TEXT VERSION – RTF) Computing and Blindness in Education (COMBINE) Project: Seminar at British Educational Technology Show (BETT 2009), Thursday 15th January 2009, London (Simon Hayhoe)

- (FULL POWERPOINT PRESENTATION - PPT) Computing and Blindness in Education (COMBINE) Project: Seminar at British Educational Technology Show (BETT 2009), Thursday 15th January 2009, London (Simon Hayhoe)

- An essay on the education of the blind (Valentin Hauy)

- Is belief more important than perception for blind arts students? (Simon Hayhoe) Art Beyond Sight Teleconference, based in New York, US, October 15th 2007

- The 4 Senses Project 2004/5 – Orchard House School, Royal London School for the Blind and the V&A (Simon Hayhoe)

- The 4 Senses Project: Art courses & exhibition—Illustrated (Simon Hayhoe)

- Art education for the blind (The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens)

- Art and touch: a conceptual approach (John Everett & Wally Gilbert)

- The effects of late arts education on adults with early visual disabilities (Simon Hayhoe)

- Teaching art to the blind / A study of chairs (Joanne R. Pompano)

- Blindness, Art and Exclusion in Museums and Galleries (Fiona Candlin)

- THE MAGIC TOUCH: Touching and Handling in a Cultural Heritage Context (University College, London University, various conference abstracts)

- Talking Images Research Project – Summary Report (Royal National Institute for the Blind, et. al.)

- Vision Quest is low vision training utilizing techniques commonly used by photographers to capture and present images (Carrell L. Grigsby)

- The Gessoprint: A Sculptural Process (Rand Huebsch)

- Whole Body Seeing (Rosalyn Driscoll)


Audio Visual

- Seminar on fine art and blindness at the Denver Art Museum, Colorado, US (Buna Dahal & Ann Cunningham)

- Tactile art work at the Purple Door Studio, Denver, Colorado, US (Ann Cunningham)

- Opening event for Its All About Touch, Denver, Colorado, US, October 19th 2007 (Ann Cunningham et. al.)


Books & Theses

PhD Thesis: An examination of the social and cultural factors affecting art education in English schools for the blind (Simon Hayhoe)


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