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Publications: History, Sociology & Culture


- An introduction to Grounded Theory, Vrije University, Brussels, October 2005 (Simon Hayhoe)

- God, Money, and Politics: English attitudes to blindness and touch, from Enlightenment to integration (Simon Hayhoe)

- Letter to John Locke (Abridged) RE: Subjectivity of sight, pre-cursor to his theory of optics (“Anon”, Isaac Newton)

- An epistemological model of disability: The development of attitudes towards touch, blindness & the arts (Simon Hayhoe)

- The development of a model of blindness using Popper’s method (Simon Hayhoe)

- The inter-corporeal emergence of landscape: negotiating sight, blindness and ideas of landscape in the British (Hannah Macpherson)

- Articulating blind touch: thinking through the feet (Hannah Macpherson)

- I don’t know why they call it the Lake District they might as well call it the rock district!’ The workings of humour and laughter in research with members of visually impaired walking groups (Hannah Macpherson)

- Between landscape and blindness: some paintings of an artist with macular degeneration (Hannah Macpherson)

- Landscape’s ocular centrism: and beyond? (Hannah Macpherson)

- The limits of landscape knowledge (Macpherson & Minca)


Audio Visual

- Discussion of God, Money and Politics and audio description (In Touch, BBC Radio 4)

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