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Publications: Philosophy


- Letter on the blind... (Introduction only) (Denis Diderot)

- What is it like to be a bat? (Thomas Nagel)

- When Gucci make hearing aids, I’ll be deaf (Simon Hayhoe)

- Art media and the sense modalities: Tactile pictures (Dominic MM Lopez)

- Various papers from the National Federation of the Blind on the philosophy of blindness (Kenneth Jernigan et. al)

- Active and passive bodies: Comments on Don Ihde's bodies in technology (Andrew Feenberg)

- The phenomenology of touch (Mark Paterson, various papers)

- Do visual artists need to see? Exploring alternative perceptions (Joanna Brendon MBE, MA Thesis)

- Thomas Reid on Molyneux’s question (Robert Hopkins)

- Sculpture & Touch (Conference Programme, Courtauld Institute, London 16th -17th May 2008)

- Molyneux’s Question (Robert Hopkins)

- Tactile Relief – Reconsidering medium and modal specificity (Fay Zika)

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